What is the AIA....
The American Indian Alliance is a community based,
non-profit organization serving more than 20,000 American
Indians living in Santa Clara Valley.
Since 1993, the American Indian Alliance has provided
programs and services to both adults and youth with a
mission to develop and enrich the local American Indian
Community.  Our projects focus on community development,
human services, information and referral services, cultural
awareness and education, as well as improved
communication within the American Indian Community.

Future of the Alliance...
The most important goal of the Alliance is to continue
implementing innovative projects that benefit the Indian
Community in Santa Clara County and the Greater Bay Area.

Board Members

President:  Anecita Hernandez


Vice President:  Pending


Treasurer:  Renita Brien


Secretary:  Erika Waters



Council Members

Soma De Bourbon

Veronica Saldivar

Vernon Medicine Cloud

Hank LeBeau             

Cuauhcihuatl Trinidad

Manuel Ortega

Christine Swarts

Charlene Hardridge

Shawney Hardridge

Rose Amador LeBeau

Tamara Strong-Chavez         

Honorary Members

Laverne Roberts

Jack Hyatt

Mary Hyatt

Gwen Steirer

Sherry LeBeau